What Is Stick Vacuum And Which One Should I Buy

There are several types of stick vacuums in the market. This article will try to highlight some of the most important ones and their features.

A stick vacuum cleaner uses a long, hollow, metal or plastic tube with a brush at one end. The other end is usually attached to a canister that contains the suction power. These tubes are also called sticks.

The tube is inserted into the carpet and sucked along it. The bristles of the tube brush the dust particles stuck on the carpet fibers.

Some of these vacuums have a nozzle at the end of the tube that sucks out the dust. Other stick vacuums have a beater bar or a rotating brush at the end of the tube which beats the dirt into the dust container.

Stick Vacuum Sizes And Models

Stick vacuums are available in different sizes and models. There are also many attachments for these cleaners that you can buy separately. Some of the more common attachments include a crevice tool, a floor brush, a floor sweeper, a wand attachment, a wall attachment, a dusting brush, a dusting tool, a pet brush and a dusting hose.

The vacuum cleaner industry has been around for quite a while. The earliest versions were made of wood. Later, they were made of metal and now plastic. Plastic stick vacuums are lighter and less expensive than metal stick vacuums.

These are very good for light cleaning jobs like picking up pet hair and dead skin cells from your carpets. They are not very good for heavy cleaning jobs such as cleaning your floors.

They do not have any built in filters and they do not have the suction power that other vacuum cleaners have. They also have limited storage capacity. So if you want a powerful vacuum cleaner for your home, you might want to look for a commercial grade model instead.

There are also stick vacuums that use a hand held wand. These vacuums can pick up a lot of dirt and dust. However, they are not very effective for picking up small particles. You need to move them over the surface in order to get rid of the particles. This makes them less efficient for light cleaning jobs.

Before You Buy A Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a stick vacuum cleaner for light cleaning jobs, you should buy a stick vacuum cleaner that uses a wand. If you want a powerful vacuum cleaner that can clean your whole house, you should look for a stick vacuum that uses a stick tube.

If you are buying a stick vacuum cleaner, make sure that it comes with a bag that is big enough to handle the amount of dust that you are going to collect. It is also advisable to buy a bag that is easy to change. This way you will not have to go back to the store every time you run out of bag.

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